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The SAI EVO-2A * series of silencers / suppressor has an overlapping design. Working principle is deflection to rear compression chamber.

See test shooting with the VALMET RK 62 Riffle (Finnish Army) with the EVO-2A mounted and shooting with 7,62 x 39  Super Sonic Russian ammo: Check out our other video clips in the "Video Clip" link in the menu.

EVO-2A is an updated and improved suppressor, formerly named Evolution.


EVO-2A Standard (ST):               
Caliber: .222 to .30 
Weight: 570g
Standard Thread:  M14x1, M14x1,5, M15x1


EVO-2A Big-Bore (BB):            
Caliber: 9,3 - .45-70
Weight: 705g
Standard Thread: M14x1, M14x1,5, M15x1


EVO-2A Ultra Heavy Caliber (UHC)  
Caliber: .375, .338, etc.               
Weight: 860g
Standard Thread: M15x1



General Specifications  
Length: 227mm.
Diameter: 50mm
Protrusion from muzzle: 95mm
Max. barrel diameter: 22mm
Material: All steel
Surface: Corr-i-dur (Black)